About Us

Pony Rescues is an active advocate in raising awareness of animal welfare issues.  We are not just about ponies and horses but they are closest to our heart.

  • We seek to expose inconsistencies between policy, procedure and their application and question/challenge any discrepancies
  • We are an organisation active in re-homing uncared for, unwanted ponies and horses and responding to notifications of welfare concerns.
  • We build and maintain a strong network of contacts with various stakeholders and provide a means for people to advertise (re-homing needs) and seek advice.
  • We continue to provide support to Jeparit Pony owners through email, phone and personal visits to the ponies. We maintain a Facebook update page where the new owners can ‘brag’ securely about their success stories.

By broadcasting video and pictures, posting links to useful & appropriate resources – We will not sit back and allow ignorance or the abuse of power go quietly into the night.

Deaf ears will not react to ignorant outcries………..

Pony Rescues began in 2011 in response to the plight of 300 ponies at one property of 840 acres in the Jeparit (Victoria, Australia) area. Hence the name “Jeparit Ponies” as referenced to in this case.


The Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) took out an order (under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 46/1986) on this property after receiving a report/complaint about sheep.  The order required all livestock (not sheep specific) to be removed from the property within twelve months.

Help was offered to help the owner to sell the ponies and this is where it started……

 A float full on weekends and spare time, transporting them to a new location, and created a Facebook page “” where the ponies were advertised and sold .They were taken to a new location about 15 km away to own yards for vet checks, treatment and rehabilitation before re-homing.

An increase in the re-homing effort found its public profile (Facebook) receive a large influx of negative attention and the first page was taken down.

In its place “Pony Rescues” was created.

The combined efforts of Tania, Jodi and their supporters drew increased worldwide attention and support which created ‘discomfort’ in other equine rescue groups (as they unsuccessfully strived to take control). Having failed to take over a petition was started by these groups and as a result the DPI reacted by applying for a new order specifically targeting the ponies.

This new order sought to have the owner comply, with certain actions, within 7 days.

Pony Rescues, with the participation of the owner addressed the court order’s “required actions” by implementing a program where by each and every pony was assessed as an individual by two independent professional vets and the most appropriate and humane outcome decided upon and carried out.

With veterinary consultation we humanely euthanized those for whom it was deemed necessary and undertook specialised care for some of the ponies, particularly mares that were heavily in foal and/or had new born foals at foot.

Before the expiry of this new order Pony Rescues were able to successfully relocate, treat and re-home over 140 ponies (with some mares in foal).

The DPI seized on the 12th July 2011 and slaughtered the remaining (approximate) 100 ponies, some of which had been given vet certificates and had been purchased by Pony Rescues.  Some of these ponies were heavily in foal a few of which aborted their foals after being shot.